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The United States Space Defense Platform was an armed military space station built by the U.S.


government sometime by the early 2000s, orbiting the Earth and equipped with a small but powerful arsenal of nuclear missiles. Near the end of Raphael Drake's Nightfire operation, James Bond reached the Space Defense Platform. Just hours before, Drake's Phoenix agents, in astronaut regalia, had overtaken the Platform, easily murdering the Platform's staff with specially-made Laser Rifles. The Phoenix operatives had then activated the Platform's eight nuclear weapons, preparing to launch them, presumably in an effort to cripple the world's most powerful governments.

Bond successfully sent all eight missiles off course, saving millions of lives, and caused the Platform to enter an emergency state of self-destruction. Bond shot and killed Drake himself only seconds before fleeing in an escape pod, as the Platform went up in flames. M informed Bond that astronomers around the globe were reporting "unexpected meteor showers" (which were actually the debris of the now-destroyed Platform).

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