I have just finished watching Quantum of Solace (film) for the second time (the first being when I saw it at the cinema way back in 2008 - has it really been that long?!) and the reason I (foolishly) kept avoiding it was beause, like practically everyone, I did not rate it highly. It was essentially a combination of my own opinion at the time I first saw it and everyone dismissing it and saying it is one of the worst Bond films ever made that made me not watch it again.

However, the moment finally came when I decided to give it another shot and, to my surprise, I was very glad I did. 

Firstly, I did enjoy it. This is partially due to me being a full 8 years older so I understood all of the plot this time round! Secondly, as a now experienced media student (with work experience at numerous television programmes) I was able to fully appreciate the cinematic qualities of the film. Personally, I thought it was filmed very well, particularly the car chase at the start, the boat chase, and the final Eco hotel fire at the end - the camerawork and editing is to be praised. Also I like the cutting to another scene whilst you can hear diologue from another scene in the background - it's touches like that that give the film a good cinematic quality.

To be honest I was not entirely convined with Gemma Arterton's character, however the character of Camille (portrayed by Olga Kurylenko) did have the qualities of a classic Bond girl in the sense that she suffered tragedy as a child, and therefore seeks revenge on the killer (a little similar to For Your Eyes Only).

I appreiate that the 'action' side of things did become numerous and perhaps overshadowed Bond's sophisticated nature, but overall I enjoyed the film much more than I remember, even though it remains my least favourite Craig film. Nevertheless, I hope people stop instantly criticising it and saying it is a 'terrible' film - it's not - but only if you compare it with other Bond films.

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