aka Darvin Scotto Ramelot

  • I live in 9 Forcow Avenue , Split Second, LC( Liberty Country) .,, 5556^%OOSD 1-22313-4213-9866-98765567-009. I am 2.0 miles from the Split Second Tower
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Businessman (2011-), Intelligence Operator and Officer of the CIALC (1998-2009), Reckless Driver(1991-1998), Part Time Detective (2004-2011), Special Agent FBI(2015-)
  • I am Male
  • DarRam

    Rank Charater Names  In Movie or TV Franchsice? Kills
    1 James Bond Movie Franchise (James Bond 007) about 777
    2 Jack Bauer TV Franchise (24) 305-325
    3 Rambo Movie Franchise 220
    4 Dexter Morgan TV Franchise  about 148
    5 Archer 89
    6 John McClane Movie Franchise 73
    7 Indiana Jones 67
    8 Ethan Hunt 54
    9 Deadpool 40
    10 Jason Bourne 22 Read more >
  • DarRam

    None of these facts are true and are purely fictional, especially the info on the infobox. I just did this for fun. The TV Show isn't going to be real.

    James Bond is put into an alternative world where the current year is 1971. It is business as usual for the secret agent, stopping countless villains from taking over the world. In MI6, he receives news that SPECTRE is holding New York City hostage by threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon that would destroy the city unless the United States pays a hefty ransom at $80,000,000 (£63,824,000). Don Draper goes home from work one evening to find out that his daughter, Sally Draper has been kidnapped by an organization titled SPECTRE (unknown to him) over his telephone and they intend to keep he…

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  • DarRam
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  • DarRam

    As many women such as Gillian Anderson from the ‘X Files’ and a few more women that desire to replace James Bond entirely with a woman, is completely unfair to the 007 franchise itself and would kill it. The Bond franchise cannot die or be killed because as a Bond Producer stated in the 2012 007 Documentary, he would not want to be on the crew who made that last Bond movie about James Bond. James Bond is supposed to be a man and always in his own ever expanding franchise not a woman, and he was never supposed to be abruptly replaced by one. Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond would have never wanted that, but never said anything about a different skin colored man such as  Idris Elba, at least he’s still a man, be considered James Bond, a…

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  • DarRam

    In the last 14 years, the Bond Franchise had a very low amout of other products besides of the movies on the market like (toys, colthing, poster boards etc.).

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