aka Darvin Scotto Ramelot

  • I live in 9 Forcow Avenue , Split Second, LC( Liberty Country) .,, 5556^%OOSD 1-22313-4213-9866-98765567-009. I am 2.0 miles from the Split Second Tower
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Businessman (2011-), Intelligence Operator and Officer of the CIALC (1998-2009), Reckless Driver(1991-1998), Part Time Detective (2004-2011), Special Agent FBI(2015-)
  • I am Male
  • DarRam

    Marilyn Monroe, the 50's sex symbol and one of the people who would be great at playing a Bond girl because she proves it through her filmography and modeling career. Here we take look at what it would have been like if she actually portrayed a Bond girl. Now, she would have to die much later in life in order for this scenario to occur due to her dying in 1962, a couple of months before the release of the first Bond film, Dr.No, in our timeline.

    This wild scenario would bring her career to new heights, playing in her very first action film, which she has never starred in before and was only allowed to star in musicals and comedies prior to this scenario. The producers probably might hire her as a Bond girl, but it is question of if this rol…

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  • DarRam

    The Property of a Lady was an unproduced Bond film set to release in 1991 with Timothy Dalton starring as Bond, but due to the lawsuit/hiatus that ensued between Pathe Communications and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and changes in writing staff, it was pushed to 1994. However during the same year, Dalton retired as Bond, replacing him with Brosnan as the next Bond with his debut in Goldeneye.

    In this scenario, what if The Property of a Lady was a Bond film released in 1991 with the next Bond film titled, Risico, based on one of Fleming's Bond Short stories, releasing just two years later with Pierce Brosnan making his 007 debut so that he would be in a total of five Bond films by 2002's Die Another Day?

    This obviously means that the six year lawsuit wouldn…

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  • DarRam

    Just to speculate something interesting occurring within the Bond franchise in the late 90's to early 2000's, I decided to play with Warhead 2000 AD, the film title under Kevin McClory and Sony Pictures Entertainment plus Warner Bros. when they collaborated about their next remake of Thunderball which would compete with the already massive Bond franchise. It was already being propelled into the 21st Century thanks to the success of 1995's Goldeneye, transitioning the franchise out of the Cold War. So McClory insisted on making this rival franchise for the sake of his own gains along with destroying Eon's 007 franchise within, unable to compete with the newly emerging Thunderball Saga that would cripple the old 007 film empire and see the emerg…

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  • DarRam

    Rank Charater Names  In Movie or TV Franchsice? Kills
    1 James Bond Movie Franchise (James Bond 007) about 777
    2 Jack Bauer TV Franchise (24) 305-325
    3 Rambo Movie Franchise 220
    4 Dexter Morgan TV Franchise  about 148
    5 Archer 89
    6 John McClane Movie Franchise 73
    7 Indiana Jones 67
    8 Ethan Hunt 54
    9 Deadpool 40
    10 Jason Bourne 22 Read more >
  • DarRam

    None of these facts are true and are purely fictional, especially the info on the infobox. I just did this for fun. The TV Show isn't going to be real.

    James Bond is put into an alternative world where the current year is 1971. It is business as usual for the secret agent, stopping countless villains from taking over the world. In MI6, he receives news that SPECTRE is holding New York City hostage by threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon that would destroy the city unless the United States pays a hefty ransom at $80,000,000 (£63,824,000). Don Draper goes home from work one evening to find out that his daughter, Sally Draper has been kidnapped by an organization titled SPECTRE (unknown to him) over his telephone and they intend to keep he…

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