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  • DarRam

    Disclamer: This only applys on his relationships with good Bond Girls, not villans such as Xenia Onatopp , Elektra King, etc.

    When browsing for a Daniel Craig (actor) quote yesterday on IMDB, I had seen a quote which focused on Bond's traits toward women, "Let's not forget that he's actually a misogynist. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long". I mean what does this even prove? He is downright saying the Bond is a misogynist because he has a certain danger about him. That's because he's a full time assassin working for MI6 and full committed relationships with women aren't within his time frame. This doesn't mean he explicitly hates women, it just means that…

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  • DarRam

    Wikia poll 2

    September 2, 2017 by DarRam

    Since Bond 25 will be coming out in the US on Nov 9th, 2019 and a new actor will replace Daniel Craig after the film's release. We would like the wiki's opinion of introducing spin offs in the James Bond canon and the possibility of a James Bond Cinematic Universe. Ideas such as spin offs for Moneypenny, M, Q and other Bond characters will be suggested to add into the 007 canon.

    We would like all of you Wiki members to cast a vote.

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  • DarRam

    James Bond vs Professor Evil is a fan audio short voiceover by John Power.

    The evil head of a secret society, Professor Evil determines to plunge the world into darkness with the help of his top henchman, Boris. Bond is sent to advert the threat and avoid the possibility where the sun no longer shines on Earth.

    In Professor Evil's secret layer, James Bond runs into Professor Evil where he is told to listen carefully to his commands. Professor Evil tells Bond to open up a black box contain a large bomb, powerful enough to explode an entire city the size of Moscow. If the orders aren't executed then Professor Evil would press the red detonation button setting a even more devastating bomb to explode the sun plunging Earth to complete darkness. J…

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  • DarRam

    Our polices must be straightforward, but not strict. However, there will be no anarchy on the wiki. There must be rules in place to maintain order. Rules will also apply to administrators. However, users cannot block an admin so they will report to other admins and bureaucrats.

    1.  Treat all users with respect.
    2.  If any argument arises then it must be solved peacefully with a respectable compromise.
    3.  Do not use excessive vulgar language on the wiki.
    4.  You are entitled to your own opinions, but do not use any to harm any user on the wiki.
    5.  No vandalizing the wiki.
    6.  No uploading fan generated content on here as a separate article.

    • Content must be somewhat associated with the 007 Franchise or Ian Fleming. (Blogs are an exception, but it must include cont…

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  • DarRam

    Wikia poll

    June 21, 2017 by DarRam

    A new page on the wikia has been made by a new administrator create a new lists page, List of Tertiary Characters. We at the 007 wikia wanted to know of your opinion Both yes options include the same byte limit.

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