I had watched Matilda in my late 20's and thought of both Matilda and Ms.Honey as smart and attractive, able to get rid of the rigid principal Ms. Trunchbull who ruled her elementary school with an iron fist. I had wanted to present a scenario where Matilda and Ms.Honey are presented with a huge conflict to face, with James Bond 007, the suave, strong, intellectual and sophisticated secret agent as their only hope.



Two years after Ms. Trunchbull left town, she resides in Seattle, Washington. She had been investigate on what caused Ms. Trunchbull to crumble down. With the aid of a private investigator, she had been able to compile evidence that pointed to the conclusion of Matilda using her powers as aid in destroying her reputation. Within these years, she had figured out a strategy on overthrowing Ms.Honey as the principal of Crunchem Hall Elementary School, gaining back her position as the tyrannical principal she once was. She had trained a large armed security force in order to heavily enforce Trunchbull's policies than ever before. As Trunchbull put her plan into action Matilda tries to use her powers, but they don't work due to her and security forces immunity to it. They force Ms.Honey to give up her position to Ms.Trunchbull then she, nervously in fear, compiles with their request. Ms.Tuchbull forcefully prompts Ms.Honey to hand her father's house back. Honey, with Matilda, are forced to move into the cottage once again.

Whilst vacationing in an American town, James Bond drives by a school that is heavily patrolled with armed guards, it happens to be Crunchem Hall Elementary School. Curious as to what's occurring, Bond decides to go undercover as one of Ms. Trunchbull's security guards to investigate the matter. Undercover, he discovers that the schools principal is Ms. Agatha Trunchbull a ruthless ruler of the school where she uses fear tactics against the kids and teachers now with a new policy stating if a kid misbehaves a security guard could lock them up in the grand choke until they died. Bond intends to find out more about the schools past, Ms. Trunchbull, Matilda, and Ms.Honey and stop the evil principal and her security guards from harming the kids any longer.


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