James Bond vs Professor Evil
is a fan audio short voiceover by John Power.


The evil head of a secret society, Professor Evil determines to plunge the world into darkness with the help of his top henchman, Boris. Bond is sent to advert the threat and avoid the possibility where the sun no longer shines on Earth.

Audio Short

In Professor Evil's secret layer, James Bond runs into Professor Evil where he is told to listen carefully to his commands. Professor Evil tells Bond to open up a black box contain a large bomb, powerful enough to explode an entire city the size of Moscow. If the orders aren't executed then Professor Evil would press the red detonation button setting a even more devastating bomb to explode the sun plunging Earth to complete darkness. James Bond is portrayed as a weak Englishman, with only the power to sing instead of being an sophisticated agent with high intellect and a ruthless demeanor which is usually his character. Bond uses singing to save himself from the villain's contraption, but to no avail. It is assumed that Evil calls Boris to detonate the bomb while laughing hysterically at James Bond's embarrassing failure to stop him. The audio short cuts off from there, fading to black.

Character Role
James Bond Main Protagonist
Professor Evil Main Villian 
Boris Henchman

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