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UPDATE: Voting is now over. Click here to see the winner!

Alright Bond fans, we received approximately 500 submissions for our Ultimate Bond Movie contest, and our team of judges has narrowed it down to 007 finalists! Scroll through all seven of the movies and carefully choose which one best reflects your idea of the perfect Bond film. Vote in the poll at the bottom of the page, but choose wisely, you only get one vote!

And remember, the user with the most votes by November 9th will receive 2 tickets for Skyfall, the Bond 50 Blu-ray box set (which includes all 22 available Bond fims), and a customized movie poster, in JPEG form, that will feature each element from the winning Ultimate Bond Movie.

Red Snow-01
User: Ganfon

For Queen and Country-01
User: Jason.thomas.scott

Upon Knife's Edge-01
User: Jack1

Property of a Lady-01
User: Rochus

Remember the Fall-01
User: jakafaca

Love is Cold-01
User: Agent Raptor

User: CollegeGraduate

UPDATE: Voting is now over. Click here to see the winner!

Honorable Mentions

Movie Titles

  • "Honey's Horizonal Revenge" - Klupsor
  • "Evil Never Takes a Holiday" - WalkingDeadfreak
  • "Loyalty at the Risk of Death" - GoldenGun12
  • "The Cards Never Lie" - BoomGuy98
  • "The Day After Yesterday's Tomorrow" - ConnorKenway1
  • "Imperium" - Dr. No
  • "Savile Row Semtex" - Wotty
  • "Casinopussy" - MorganJenkins
  • "Shifting Sands" - slathrop73
  • "Be Suave, or be Dead!" - Rev.Sysyphus

Final 40

The following users made it to the round of 40:
Galahad77 • Ganfon • Goht4Ever • GoldenGun12 • helmi5 • Hmm2 • invictus152 • isabella1234 • Jack1 • jakafaca • Jason.thomas.scott • JeanGrey44 • MichaelCaine • MrLoganTH • ODYERDRAGON • packerschris • polly_ozz • Randi • Rochus • RSoares • RuinQueenofOblivion • shelly1746 • sitiaisyah93 • slathrop73 • Smallvilleantonio • superdlots • tonyzammit98 • Warriors2012 • Wotty


Click show to view each categories respective pie chart and see what choices were the most popular in our contest.

Summary: Daniel Craig was by far the most selected Bond, and Sean Connery only beat out Pierce Brosnan by 1 submission! It was no surprise that Blofeld and Jaws were the most popular villain/henchman duo, and of course the ideal movie includes the original Aston Martin DB5 and the Walther PPK. However, in the Bond Girls category we had a real shocker. Halle Berry's Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson, who has traditionally been considered the most annoying Bond girl, turned out to be the most popular in our contest!

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