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  • I live in Duckburg (Calisota)
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Richest duck in the world
  • I am drake
  • Scrooge MacDuck

    As we know, in the films' classic continuity, Ernst Stavro Blofeld's rank within SPECTRE was Number 1 and Emilio Largo's was Number 2. Based on this, I think it very likely that members' numbers reflect their rank within SPECTRE. Moreover, it would stand to reason that once a member died, he is replaced by the member directly under him, who thus takes on the deceased's old number. 

    This allowed me to create a chart of SPECTRE hierarchy per film. Each film column shows the ranks at the beginning of the film, with the symbol † indicating which characters are dead by the end of the film. Characters whose presence in the film is certain are shown in plain text, whereas those whose presence I can only infer from their role in other films are in …

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