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Valenka is the female companion and henchwoman of the main villain Le Chiffre in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale. She is portrayed by Ivana Miličević.

Film biography

Valenka is first seen wearing a skimpy swimsuit climbing the ladder of the yachtowned by Le Chiffre, moored somewhere in the Bahamas.

Later when Obanno learns of Le Chiffre losing his money, he pays Le Chiffre a visit in Montenegro. When Le Chiffre returns to his suite, Valenka is standing on the balcony where she says she’s sorry just as Obanno appears and attacks Le Chiffre. Filled with rage Obanno strangles Le Chiffre who informs him that the money isn’t lost, and he will have it the next day. Obanno decides someone should lose an arm for this betrayal, but since Le Chiffre needs it to play cards, he decides to cut the arm of Valenka instead. It’s turns out to be a bluff when he stops at the last moment, much to the delight of Valenka. Obanno tells her to find herself a new boyfriend since Le Chiffre didn’t protest to her arm being cut off.

Back at the poker table after Bond buys back in and starts to win, Valenka slyly puts poison into Bonds drink. When Bond drinks a large amount of the drink shortly afterward, it forces him to leave the table much to Valenka’s delight. This is short-lived however, when Bond returns to the table jokingly commenting that the last round nearly killed him.

It is strongly implied she is killed by Mr. White with Le Chiffre, Kratt and the rest of his associates.

Behind the Scenes

  • Valenka is the first female villain of the Craig series.


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