Valentin Zukovsky is a fictional Russian gangster from the 2010 James Bond video-game remake GoldenEye 007, voiced by Alec Newman.

Although he is loosely based on Robbie Coltrane's character from the 1995 film GoldenEye his character and plot arc were significantly changed for the remake. Unlike his film counterpart, Zukovsky no longer has a connection to the KGB.

Game biography

Valentin Zukovsky is a Russian gangster who owns a nightclub in Barcelona, Spain. He and Bond have a chequered history together; during a previous run-in with one another 007 left Zukovsky with a vicious scar across right cheek. During the events of GoldenEye 007, Bond arranges a meeting with Zukovsky via an undercover police officer, Sergeant Garcia. Interrupting the gangster while he is entertaining a lady friend, Bond demands information on General Ourumov, whom he had recently been in contact with regarding the procurement of an EMP-hardened helicopter.

Zukovsky: "[Gesturing to his scar] Do you expect me to just turn the other cheek?"
Bond: "I could always provide you with a matching set."

Initially reluctant, Zukovsky provides Bond with the location he had given Ouromov - the annual Dubai Military Arms Fair. Before he can finish his sentence he is shot dead several times by Ouromov's partner-in-crime Xenia Onatopp, disguised as one of his waitresses. His body falls over the railings, and seconds later Zukovsky's guards pin their boss's death on the spy and pursue him through the nightclub, allowing Onatopp to escape.

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