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"Irina, take a hike!"
― Zukovsky, telling his mistress to stop singing after Bond commented about it

Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky (Russian: Валентин Дмитриевич Жуковский) is an ex-KGB agent turned Russian mafia head who runs a bar, a casino, and a caviar factory. He was portrayed by Robbie Coltrane and appeared in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye and 1999's The World Is Not Enough.

Film biography

When he was younger (and a KGB agent), a conflict with James Bond ended with Valentin being shot in the leg, as well as Bond stealing his car and "his girl."

"Walther PPK, 7.65 Millimeter, Only three men I know use such a gun... I believe I've killed two of them."

  • Zukovsky upon his reunion with Bond

Years later while in search of Janus, Bond seeks out Valentin at his nightclub in St. Petersburg wanting him to set up a meeting for Bond with Janus. Zukovsky initially scoffs at the suggestion of doing Bond a favour, since his knee aches every single day from being shot and is especially unbearable in cold weather. However he was persuaded to after being bribed with military equipment and the revelation that when Bond shot Valentin in the leg, he actually had a kill shot.

After leaving the KGB, Valentin Zukovsky initially held a grudge against James Bond, but this disappeared when dealing with Bond could make him a profit. He later made a fortune out of a beluga caviar factory. He is consistent, throughout both films, in ironically addressing Bond as "Bond, James Bond."

In The World Is Not Enough, his personal assistant and driver named Mister Bullion debuts.

Later, after Bullion was revealed to have worked with Elektra King, and set off a bomb in Valentin's radio facility and former KGB safe house (now FSB) in Istanbul, Turkey (which he uses to try to contact his nephew Nikolai, whom is running a Victor-III class submarine), Valentin shoots Bullion. Valentin Zukovsky makes many appearances in the films, before being shot and mortally wounded by Elektra King. Valentin tells Elektra King to give him the officer's hat of his nephew Nikolai by saying "I'm looking for a submarine, it's big, black, and the driver is a very good friend of mine! Bring it to me!", but instead, she shoots Valentin through the hat. He lives long enough after being shot to execute a trick shot using a secret gun hidden within his own cane that allows James Bond to escape Elektra King's trap.

Henchmen & Associates

Behind the scenes

There was a deleted scene in which Bond later checks Valentin's pulse. Another scene cut out from the movie, is when Dr. Warmflash takes Valentin in and finds out he was shot in the ribs, and she eventually gets the bullet out.  

Other Appearances

Zukovsky appears in the classic 007 game, GoldenEye. In it, he arranges for Bond to have a meeting with Janus (later to be revealed as Alec Trevelyan) in the Statue Park level. Zukovsky appears again a few missions later in a timed level, Mission 6 Part III: Streets. Natalya Simonova has been kidnapped by Janus and is being taken to the Janus Base, meanwhile Bond is in hot pursuit of the villain and his love interest. Bond contacts Zukovsky, who offers to help Bond by calling associates of his and having them slow Janus down. After meeting with Zukovsky, the player is given extra time to complete the level. He can be played in multiplayer mode.

He also appears in The World Is Not Enough Video game as an ally to Bond, and a multiplayer character. During their encounter at the caviar factory, Bond helped Zukovsky with some assistance of his henchmen to apprehend the hired killers in return to give information about Elektra's plans. He was last seen at the Maiden's Tower incident, where he was looking for the stolen Submarine and, in contrasts with the film, was shot directly by Elektra. He managed to release Bond from captivity and said with his last breath "Avenge the death of Nikolai" and dropped limb.


  • Despite sharing no screen time together in The World Is Not Enough, Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlyle, who portrays Renard, had previously appeared together on the British television series, Cracker.

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