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Bond Driving (Dr. No)
Vehicles have played an important role throughout the series of James Bond novels and films. "Q branch" - a division of the British Secret Service which provides equipment to field operatives - has given Bond a wide variety of vehicles with which to evade his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include expensive weapons systems, anti-pursuit systems, alternative transportation modes, and various other functions.   

The 2000GT made its most famous screen appearance in the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twicemost of which was filmed in Japan. Two one-off topless models - fitted only with tonneau covers to simulate functioning convertible roofs - were made specially for the film. It is claimed a targa had been considered to accommodate the burly 6' 2" Sean Connery. This retained the original car's fastback profile but eliminated rear side windows. Purportedly, Connery's head stuck out of the top and a roofless version was fabricated in just two weeks for the movie.[citation needed] The car was mainly driven by Bond girlfriend Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi) in the film.[4]

Bond actor Daniel Craig voted the Toyota 2000GT as his favourite Bond car of all time.[

800px-TOYOTA 2000GT Bond vehicles

1967 Toyota 2000GT used in the James Bond film, You Only Live Twice

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