Velvet Lee was a character in the 1970 James Bond Comic The Golden Ghost.

Comic Biography

Velvet first met Bond aboard The Golden Ghost dirigible as a flight attendant. She helped him to get him an interview with Felix Bruhl, whom Bond quickly drove away for his sexual advances toward Velvet. Shortly after, the two fall unconscious due to tainted drinks and cigarettes along with the rest of the passengers. Velvet came to, and was ushered out of the airship with the rest of the passengers. She found James, still unconscious, in the cave and informs him that Bruhl had hijacked the ship when he came around. Velvet was then forced to watch as Bond was keelhauled through shark-infested waters to provide the passengers and crew an incentive to pay their ransoms, and was then sent to Bruhl's room where she was saved from rape by Bond, who had escaped the sharks. They then free the co-pilot and run to the ship, but Bruhl sneaked aboard and took Velvet hostage as she went to the galley to get coffee for she and her cohorts. Bruhl demanded that Bond surrender to save Velvet's life, and he defeats Bruhl by luring him out of an exit hatch. In this time, the co-pilot called for help, and the passengers were rescued, and Velvet enjoyed the ride home with Bond in the Captain's Cabin.

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