Victoria "Tori" Wo is a fictional journalist in the 2012 Young Bond Novel Shoot to Kill.

Novel Biography

Shoot to Kill

Victoria "Tori" Wo, was a journalist working in Hollywood, California who suspected tight mafia ties within Anton Kostler's company. After a street riot, she telephoned her editor to try and tie it to her existing theory about Kostler's involvement, and argued with him for so long that she had to ask a boy (James Bond), in the drugstore for a penny to continue the call. when he finally hung up on her, the boy, proved to be a help as he informed her that he had seen a car leave the riot with an Illinois licence plate, prompting Tori to give him her number in case he should see anything else. The two met again later, when the two met again in Bond's hotel lobby, where she showed him a picture of Kostler's chief of security, whom Bond had seen torturing a man on film. He did not, however have the film reel, and Tori jokingly told him to swim back to "Limey Land" to get it before telling himof her intention to spike her editor's lunch with laxatives to make him unable to attend a party at Kostler's that evening so that Tori could go herself. At the party, she stole a key ring from a guard and sneaked into an office to find a payroll of Kostler's employees. Bond found her and told her that he had the film reel and told her of all of the trouble he went through to get it before they discovered that the room was bugged. They climbed the microphone cables down the building, and Tori was caught by two thugs. They brutalized her, but with Bond's help she was able to escape and get to safety in her office. When she got to her apartment, she was kidnapped by Kostler's men and taken to the old location of Kostler's Allworld Studios. She later found an associate of Bond's named Dan Sloaman, and his uncle Stuart, and the three found James and Boudicca Pryce, and they formulated a plan to escape. Tori and Daniel were separated from the group, and Stuart was shot by Kostler's thugs. Tori and Daniel escaped the building when Kostler called for his men to go after James. When Kostler was killed in an explosion, Tori was able to release the biggest crime expose article in the city's history.