Vijay is one of Bond's allies from the 1983 film Octopussy and was played by professional tennis player Vijay Amritraj.

Film biography

An agent in I division, Vijay, playing the flute to an asp, sees Bond come to port and plays the 'Bond' theme with his flute to get his attention.

After getting rid of the asp, stating he hates snakes, he takes Bond to the head of I division.

He helps James escape from Kamal's men after winning a game with him and helps hit a henchman with a tennis racket. After losing them, they make their way to Q Branch in India and after looking at the gadgets and a little snickering when Bond played with a camera, he offers to give Q a hand and he accepts.

While James was on Octopussy's Island, Vijay takes over for Q, who was first observing the island.

Later, he is attacked by some hitmen and was slashed at with a yo-yo saw. Vijay managed to live long enough to tell Q, Kamal's men attacked him before Vijay dies from his wounds.

Behind the scenes

Vijay was played by Vijay Amritraj, who was a professional tennis player. His character not only shares the same first name, but he is also the tennis pro at Kamal Khan's club, and he uses his tennis racket as a weapon during the auto rickshaw chase (accompanied by the sound of a tennis ball being hit and scenes of onlookers turning their heads left and right as if they are watching a tennis match).

Like his fictional counterpart, the real Vijay had a distinct fear of snakes and found it difficult to hold the snake basket during filming.