"This show is over and you're the one who's getting the hook!"
― Walker D. Plank, from the episode "Queen's Ransom".[src]

Walker D. Plank is a fictional pirate who first appeared in the 1991-1992 animated television series James Bond Jr. and the accompanying 1992 Marvel comic-book series of the same name. He is one of the series' primary antagonists and is often paired alongside fellow SCUM member Jaws.

Character biographyEdit

Captain Walker D. Plank is a stereotypical pirate, complete with hook hand, eye-patch, wooden leg and a talking parrot (that also has an eye-patch and a peg-leg). His schemes are invariably nautical and involve pillage, plunder, and domination of all the oceans in the world. He was an original villain created for the animated series, however it is strongly suggested he was inspired by Karl Stromberg, given both villians had to do with oceanography. One of Captain Plank's schemes was to steal ships for the purposes of creating his own navy that could activated by remote control and terrorize anyplace in the world, however that was foiled when I.Q. reconfigured a video game to cause the ships to fire on each other, sabotaging Plank's plan, another nod to how Stromberg was foiled in the film.


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