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"This show is over and you're the one who's getting the hook!"
― Walker D. Plank, from the episode "Queen's Ransom".[src]

Walker D. Plank is a fictional pirate who first appeared in the 1991-92 animated television series James Bond Jr. and the accompanying 1992 Marvel comic-book series of the same name. He is one of the series' primary antagonists and is often paired alongside fellow SCUM member Jaws.

Character biography

Captain Walker D. Plank is a stereotypical pirate, complete with hook hand, eye-patch, wooden leg and a talking parrot (that also has an eye-patch and a peg-leg). His schemes are invariably nautical and involve pillage, plunder, and domination of all the oceans in the world.


  • Plunder Down Under
  • Nothing to Play With
  • Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake
  • No Such Loch
  • Ship of Terror
  • Queen's Ransom
  • S.C.U.M. on the Water
  • Ol' Man River
  • Danger Train
  • Thor's Thunder

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