Whisper is the name of a fictional henchman who works for Dr. Kananga. The character has a very soft voice that sounds like he is whispering, hence earning himself the name. The quaternary antagonist of the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, he was based on the character of the same name who appears in 1958 novel of the same name. In the film, Whisper is played by the late actor Earl Jolly Brown but voiced by Alistair Abell. He makes also an appearance in the 2000 video game 007 Racing.

Film biography

In the film adaptation of Live and Let Die, Whisper is an extremely soft-spoken, portly assassin employed by Kananga. The driver of the white pimpmobile, he is seen on a number of occasions throughout the film; when Bond travels to meet Felix Leiter in New York, when he pulls alongside Bond's cab, he kills the driver by using a poison dart gun concealed in the side-mirror of the car.

Later, Whisper is seen in San Monique wearing a bow tie and camel hair jacket. He unleashes a poisonous snake in Bond's hotel room, which Bond burns to death. When Bond investigates in the suite, Whisper is there and says "Your champagne, sir" implying room service was ordered. Bond is then warned by Rosie Carver (pretending to be "Mrs. Bond") that Whisper is not on the hotel payroll.

After having captured Bond and Solitaire in his underground base, Kananga takes Bond's gun, asking what it does. Bond replies that it is a shark gun firing compressed gas pallets. For his own amusement, Kananga fires the gun at the sofa Whisper is sitting on, causing it to inflate enormously until it explodes, causing a shocked Whisper to fall to the ground. It is unknown if Kananga had attempted to eliminate Whisper, though his laughter at Whisper being tripped up suggests the exploding Chesterfield was more of a prank.

After gloating over Bond, Kananga straps him and Solitaire onto a which, planning fto have them eaten by sharks. Whisper then starts lowering the winch into the water and opens a underwater gate, through which sharks enter. With the magnetic device hidden in his clock, Bond obtains the gas pellet Kananga played with before. Bond also uses his clock to free himself from the ropes. Jumping down onto the ground, he runs towards Kananga. Whisper tries to warn his master, but due to his whispering voice Kananga cannot hear him. Bond drops Whisper into one of the air tight metal capsules used to keep the heroin dry and engages Kananga. 

It is unknown what happens to him after Bond defeats Kananga. It is strongly suggested that he had died of asphixiation as the capsules lacked air, and his weakened lung state did not allow him to shout for help. Another less likely possibility is that the capsules were discovered and Whisper was taken into captivity by the CIA.

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