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Willard Whyte - Profile
Character information
Name(s): Willard Whyte
Hair/eye color: Brown (Eyes), Brown (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Affiliation: Independent
Status: Unknown
Behind the scenes
Role: Ally
Portrayed By: Jimmy Dean
First Appearance: Diamonds Are Forever (Film)
Last Appearance: Diamonds Are Forever (Film)

Willard Whyte is a reclusive billionaire from the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. He was played by American actor and singer Jimmy Dean.

Film biographyEdit

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers! Plot and/or ending details follow.

James Bond traces suspicious activity back to the recluse Willard Whyte, who resides in his penthouse apartment in the Whyte House in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Felix Leiter, no one has seen him for years, yet he still apparently runs his multi-billion-dollar business empire single handed.

In reality, Whyte has been imprisoned in his own desert mansion by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is using a voice simulator to impersonate the billionaire. Once the deception is uncovered by Bond, Whyte uses his contacts and funds to assist in the destruction of Blofeld's lair on an oil rig off the coast of Baja California.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Whyte takes several traits from eccentric industrialist Howard Hughes such as the similar name and notably the reclusive behavior. Around the time of filming Hughes too was secluded at a Las Vegas hotel, similar to the character in the movie. Although Whyte wasn't seen until later, Jimmy Dean dubbed for Charles Gray while he impersonated the billionaire.

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