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The facilities menu in James Bond: World of Espionage (2015).

Facilities are a major asset of building the player's Intelligence Agency in the 2015 mobile video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. They provide steady money income, boosting Agency and Agents' attributes. There are four main types of facility: treasury (used to store generated in-game money), vault (to protect money from being stolen in Conflicts), income (to generate in-game currency), and bonus facilities for providing various buffs. Money generated by income facilities such as 'Universal Exports' are accumulated in the Treasury, which has a limited, but expandable, capacity. Players need to withdraw the accumulated money periodically to ensure that the Treasury is not completely full and prohibiting further income generation.


WoE - Vault
Vault - Resources in the Vault are protected against attack.
WoE - Treasury
Treasury - Money collected from Income Facilities is stored in the treasury.

Income facilities

WoE - Universal Exports
Universal Exports - Universal Exports is the standard front-line front operation of MI6. In addition to providing useful cover for your agents, it makes some limited income (£260/hr).
WoE - Gold Smith
Gold Smith - The Gold Smith provides a small, steady income stream (£520/hr). He is also useful in investigating various types of fraud, theft and smuggling.
WoE - Gem Merchant
Gem Merchant - Gem merchants are able to provide your agency with a limited income (£1040/hr). Their output is sometimes also useful for the development of Q branch technology.
WoE - Race Track
Race Track - Controlling a race track allows you to keep track of various unsavory characters. On the side it prvides moderate income (£2600/hr).
WoE - Enterprise Software
Enterprise Software - Developing your own Enterprise Software provides numerous economic benefits to the entire agency (£7800/hr).
WoE - International Imports
International Imports - While imports are not as useful as cover for your agents, the moderate economic boost they provide makes them a very good investment (£10400/hr).

Bonus facilities

WoE - Foundry
Foundry - A foundry is used to decrease the time taken to construct other facilities.
WoE - Listening Post
Listening Post - Listening posts help you finish Field Missions by providing bonus energy.
WoE - Academy
Academy - Academies prepare your agents for the field by increasing their Defence attributes.
WoE - Dojo
Dojo - In the dojo, agents train so that their Offence is increased.
WoE - Consulate
Consulate - Gear purchases are facilitated through the use of the consulate, decreasing their overall cost.
WoE - Workshop
Workshop - A workshop can reduce the real-world time taken craft items.
WoE - Analysis
Analysis - An analysis facility increases the rate you progress in your chosen Specialisation.
WoE - Concealment
Concealment - Concealment reduces the damage you take while fighting boss Villains.
WoE - Guardhouse
Guardhouse - A guardhouse increases your agency's defence attributes.
WoE - Laboratory
Laboratory - Laboratories increase your maximum HP.
WoE - Recruiter
Recruiter - A recruiter increases your agency's Stamina.
TAC/COM - The TAC/COM boosts your agency's offence.
WoE - Logistics
Logistics - Logistics provides a benefit to all Income generating structures.
WoE - Database
Database - Databases control how many other Income Facilities you can manage.
WoE - Infirmary
Infirmary - An infirmary reduces the cost of healing.
WoE - Psyops
PsyOps - PsyOps influences the overall cost of development of your other facilities.

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