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The XM29 OICW (an acronym of Objective Individual Combat Weapon) is an American/German bullpup rifle with grenade launcher module used by Colonel Tan-Sun Moon in Die Another Day, as well as by James Bond and Phoenix International soldiers in Nightfire.



In Die Another Day, Colonel Tau-Sun Moon uses the XM29, which Moon calls the "Tank Buster", during the film's pre-credit sequence.

Primary XM29

The primary XM29 prop.

A real XM29 was not available for movie use, since only first level production had been done on the project by the prime military contractors. Instead, the film's armourer, Bapty & Co., made two replica XM29s based on the 2002 model that had the same basic shell.

The primary one was built on a Heckler & Koch G36. A selector switch was made to mechanically change the single trigger on the G36 to function either the G36 or the special 20mm upper firearm. Karl built a complete action with multiple cam rotating bolt head, magazine and feeding system so that the fake 20mm cartridges (with a Swanson .357 blank inside) would cycle out of the weapon.

Secondary XM29

The secondary XM29 prop.

The secondary prop was made with a Micro Uzi embedded in the upper prop shell. A long Uzi magazine was also modified to slide inside the prop magazine. The lower part of the weapon was also a G36, as in the primary prop. A special selector was made to transfer trigger pull from firing the G36 to the Micro Uzi.

Video games

In Nighfire, the XM29, known as the as the "Advanced Individual Munitions System-20", or "AIMS-20" for short, can be used by the player (James Bond) or Phoenix International soldiers. It can fire 5.56mm rifle rounds or 20mm HE-Frag grenade rounds, both of which are targeted via a built-in Infra-Red scope.


  • The XM29's appearance was the second (and, so far, last) appearance of a mockup of the weapon in a film. A mockup based on the Heckler & Koch MP5 first appeared in the 1999 film Universal Soldier: The Return. However, the weapon has appeared in many video games, such as Nightfire.


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