Xenia Onatopp (Russian: Ксения Онатопп) is a fictional assassin in the employ of the Janus Syndicate. Onatopp is a major antagonist in the 2010 James Bond video-game remake GoldenEye 007, voiced by and modelled after Kate Magowan.

Although she is loosely based on Famke Janssen's character from the 1995 film GoldenEye her plot arc was significantly changed for the remake.

Game Biography

An decorated ex-Russian military general, she was assigned to General Ourumov during the Russian invasion of Georgia.

She first encounters James Bond at a nightclub in Barcelona owned by Russian gangster Valentin Zukovsky. Disguised as a waitress, Onatopp offers Bond a bottle of counterfeit Vodka, which he recognizes immediately. She excuses herself and continues with her duties.

Later, as Bond meets with Zukovsky, she approaches the pair carrying a drink, but as Zukovsky reveals the Janus Group's next target - an EMP-hardened helicopter being demonstrated at the annual Dubai arms fair - she shoots him dead with Bond's own gun 9that was confiscated from him before) and frames Bond for the murder of the gangster by tossing the gun back to him.

Following this, Ourumov and Onatopp enter Dubai using false passports and despite Bond's best efforts manage to steal the prototype helicopter; but not before he has the opportunity to plant his cell phone on its fuselage. MI6 proceed to track the helicopter to a Russian military facility in Severnaya, Siberia, where the pair detonate one of the two GoldenEye satellites controlled by the facility. The resulting chaos caused by the electromagnetic pulse allows them to make their getaway from the crime-scene with the one remaining satellite.

She also betrays and assassinates General Ourumov in the train level in which she now appears. During her final confrontation with Bond, she is lowered down to him from a helicopter and proceeds to engage in a brutal fight with him. She displays remarkable gymnastic abilities as well as superior reflexes, overpowering every move he makes. Despite gaining the upper hand on him, she is defeated when Bond launches a missile at her helicopter while she is strangling him, the helicopter crashing into a nearby gorge and dragging her down with it. Her body is incinerated in the explosion. Before she dies, Bond vengefully remarks 'This time, it's on me!' possibly referring to their meeting at the Nightclub and framing him for two murders, one of Sky Briggs and the one before that, of Valentin Zukovsky.

Behind the scenes