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The Ninja is an unnamed fictional, Yakuza-affiliated assassin employed by industrialist, Raphael Drake. The character serves as a minor antagonist in the 2002 James Bond video-game 007: Nightfire and serves as the boss of the level "Double Cross".


After a security breach results in a stolen missile guidance chip falling into 007's hands, Raphael Drake threatens to kill his subordinate, Alexander Mayhew. Mayhew contacts the British Secret Service, offering to exchange valuable information about Drake's organization if Bond comes to his rescue. At his Japanese estate, Mayhew is attacked by Drake's men, consisting of Japanese thugs. As they prepare to escape from the estate, a ninja assassin leaps from the building roof and fatally stabs Mayhew in the back. During a protracted battle in the driveway, Bond kills the assassin.

Dressed for stealth, the physical appearance of the assassin varies greatly between the Console and PC versions of Nightfire. The Console's ninja is clad from head-to-toe in black clothing and is equipped with chest armor and bright red night-vision optics. The PC variant opts instead for the more 'conventional' grey/black fabric garb (shinobi shōzoku), prevalent in popular media. In both versions, the opponent is extremely athletic and is armed with a katana, and semi-automatic pistol.