The Yo-yo Thug, or Thug with Yo-yo, is an unnamed henchman who appears in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy.

Film biography


The Yo-yo Thug is a silent assassin who like used the attack surprise for assassinate his enemies. He works for Mufti.

Employed by Kamal Khan

Kamal Khan will see Mufti because he wants kill James Bond. The Yo-yo Thug uses his yo-yo for perforate the photo of 007 that Khan has to Mufti. Khan recommends Mufti not to hurt Octopussy.

Murder of Vijay

The evening, Vijay, an ally of Bond, is attacked by henchmen. Gobinda orders the Yo-yo Thug to kill the man. Vijay is also murdered by the Yo-yo.

Assault in the Octopussy's house

Just after, the Yo-yo thug and the other henchmen will in the Octopussy's house for eliminate James Bond. Firstly, the thug observes Bond and Octopussy in the bed but Bond landmark him and a fight begin. The Yo-yo thug is killed by the crocodile of Q.

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