Z is the code name of a fictional employee of MI6's research and development division, Q Branch and assistant to R. The character briefly appears in Electronic Arts' 2001 James Bond video-game 007: Agent Under Fire.


After a confrontation with Carla the Jackal and her mercenaries, James Bond races through the streets of Bucharest to collect a data chip belonging to former Malprave Industries employee Dr. Natalya Damescu. 007 returns the chip to R for analysis. He delegates the task to his assistant Z, leaving it in her "capable hands". Through Z's work, MI6 traces the location of Adrian Malprave's Poseidon cloning laboratory to an oil rig in the South China Sea. Aside from this brief appearance, the character is not seen or mentioned again. Her role is effectively filled by Miss Nagai in the 2004 game Everything or Nothing.



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