Zambora is a circus attraction referred to as the "strangest girl ever born to live." She was captured near Nairobi, South Africa and is belived to be part of a cruel, inhuman experiment. She can change slowly into a ferocious 450 lbs gorilla. A fictional character, she appears briefly in the EON Productions' 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever.

Film biography

Zambora is a beautiful young woman who can be transformed into a gorilla(and/or vice versa), apparently after having been subjected to scientific experimentation. It is unknown whether she was originally a human or an ape, as she now spends time as both species. The shapeshifter was first captured in Nairobi, South Africa and later brought to Las Vegas to be used as part of a circus side show. An unnamed scientist currently manages her show and is presumably her handler. Like most of the circus's animals, the creature is valuable property and spends most of her time in both forms confined to her cage to prevent her escape. 

Before changing from her human to her gorilla form, Zambora is placed in a "transcendental state." Once she has been securely locked into her trance, a wooden door is opened so that the audience may view her exposed perfection through the cage bars. The viewers are asked not to disturb her from her trance until the process is complete. The cage is then exposed to radiation to alter the girl's DNA, and her body slowly begins to transform into that of a gorilla. Tiffany Case goes into the show to lose the CIA agents following her. The room falls silent as the body in the cage shifts from that of a shapely, human female to that of a vicious, savage ape. Once the metamorphosis is complete, the scientist makes the mistake of rousing the beast from its trance. As a result, his control of the creature is temporarily compromised and she attempts to break free of her enslavers. When the enraged animal breaks out of its cage, Tiffany uses the ensuing havoc as a distraction to escape.

The creature's fate after this is uncertain, but it is likely that she was recaptured and returned to captivity, where she continues to serve her masters.


Zambora's human body is shapely, beautiful and voluptuous. With an attractive face to complement her well-shaped body, this form of an exotic beauty exudes considerable sex appeal. Her aesthetically pleasing feminine figure is likely displayed (and clad in minimal garments) to attract male viewers to the show. Her beauty is emphasized by her exhibitioners.

As a gorilla, she appears immensely strong and fearsome; enough to frighten most viewers. This body is bulkiy, powerful, and covered in thick, black fur, like that of any female gorilla.


Zambora is wild, unpredictable and difficult to control, possibly due to anger at her current status as a slave/beast in captivity. As an animal, she can easily be provoked or spooked, even by the familiar sound of her master's voice. This can make her dangerous and necessitates that she be caged. Unlike other circus animals, she does not seem to interact well with the audience or her owners.

Further Information

The purpose and nature of the experiments conducted on Zambora are unknown, but it is likely that it was not done voluntarily. Regardless of her original species or the circumstances of her transformation, her new status as an animal makes her subservient to her current owners. Based on her behavior, it is likely that she resents this new role in life, but has no choice but to submit to her masters' will.

How exactly she enters her "transcendental state" is not specified, but given its nature, it is probable that she is hypnotized or placed under the influence of a form of mind control. This makes her easier to control in either form, but cannot be used constantly. Only the girl's master is permitted to wake her from the trance, as he likely places her in it.


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