Zhong Mae is a fictional Chinese arms dealer and love interest of James Bond. The character appears in the 1998 James Bond video-game James Bond 007 for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Game Biography

Assisting General Golgov's arms cartel to raise money to defend her village, Zhong Mae confronted James Bond at her temple and karate dojo in China, interrupting his theft of secret plans belonging to the arms smugglers. Despite her martial arts skills, she was defeated by 007 who fled the village by way of a stolen boat. Led to believe her involvement was a one-time money-making arrangement, she later realises that it was only a small part of a much larger scheme. Disenchanted, she liberates Bond from his prison cell after he is captured by Oddjob and assists him in his investigation. Deciding to investigate Golgov's hidden base in central Russia alone, she is captured and tied her to one of the General's five nuclear missiles. Bond confronts and defeats Golgov, but the he triggers the launch sequence for the missiles with his dying breath. Bond subsequently disarms the weapons and returns to China with Zhong Mae.



  • A bonus game ending is unlocked by finding the 'pearl' item, which is the inflatable raft Bond and Zhong Mae use to float out to sea in the finale sequence of the game. They are interrupted by a surfacing submarine sent by M to ensure they reach their destination promptly. Bond assures Zhong Mae that the captain is a friend of his and will travel as slowly as possible to China.


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