Zoltan the Magyar is a character in Charlie Higson's 2006 novel Blood Fever.

Novel Biography

Blood Fever

Zoltan was a cold and calculating pirate who was feared by all of Europe. He fought during the First World War and was a professional with all types of conventional weaponry, and also an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. A ruthless but simple man, he dreams merely of making enough money to retire. He eventually befriends James Bond after initial mistrusts and proves himself to be a surprisingly honorable man and the pair ally against Count Ugo Carnifex. He dies at the end of the book, saving James's life.

Zoltan was the pirate captain of the steam liner Charon. After learning the location of a bronze sculpture by the renaissance artist Donatello, Zoltan set his ship after Cathel Goodenough, who had the sculpture in his ship's safe. He pulled close to Goodenough's ship, the Siren, and feigned engine trouble. While he spoke with the captain, another boat full of armed pirates from the Charon boarded the Siren. Magyar then forced Goodenough to give him the sculpture, but when he resisted, Zoltan shot him. On his way back to the Charon, Goodenough's daughter Amy stabbed him in the back with a diving knife for killing her father, he threw her off, and hurried back to the ship for medical attention.



  • Magyar is another word for a Hungarian.

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