Skyship 6000

Zorin Industries' Skyship 6000

Zorin's Blimp refers to two separate aircraft featured in the 1985 film A View to a Kill. They are both owned by French industrialist Max Zorin and his firm, Zorin Industries.

Film appearance

Zorin owns two aircraft that help in his plot to destroy Silicon Valley. His larger ship, the Zorin Industries Skyship 6000, features a high tech boardroom where he conducts a meeting with his cartel about the microchip market. The airship also features collapsible stairs who come in handy when a member of the cartel refuses the plan. Zorin also owns a smaller airship which can be hidden in a portakabin at Zorin's mine. This airship is later destroyed when lit dynamite explodes in the cabin.

Behind the scenes

Shooting scale models from A View to a Kill (1)

The fourth unit, headed by special effects supervisor John Richardson, film the climactic final sequence.

Airship Industries managed a major marketing coup with the inclusion of their Skyship 500 series airship in the film. At the time Airship Industries were producing a fleet of ships which were recognisable over many capitals of the world offering tours, or advertising sponsorship deals. As all Bond films have included the most current technology, this included the lighter than air interest.[1]

The ship used in the climax was a Skyship 500, then on a promotional tour of Los Angeles after its participation in the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games. At that time, it had "WELCOME" painted across the side of the hull, but the word was replaced by "ZORIN INDUSTRIES" for the film. During the 1984 season, the ship was painted green and red as a part of Fujifilm's blimp fleet; it was subsequently coloured white. The film shows Zorin's blimp inflating in a matter of two minutes. In actuality, it would take that type of airship one day, working a full day and night of 24 hours, to be fully inflated.[1] The final fight sequence of the film was shot at Pinewood Studios by the fourth unit, headed by special effects supervisor John Richardson. The scenes, centered around the Golden Gate Bridge, were filmed using a mixture of scale models and a life-sized segment of the bridge complete with the underside of the Skyship 500 airship, carved from polystyrene and suspended from a crane.



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